8 Spiritual Secrets of the Universe

Transformational Tools for Your Ascension

8 Spiritual Secrets of the Universe

Transformational Tools for Your Ascension

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to 8 Spiritual Secrets of the Universe.

My name is Jayne Chilkes.  

I wanted to share my Four Spiritual Growth Books with you, along with my upcoming book 8 Spiritual Secrets of the Universe.

I am dedicated to my own spiritual path and wish to humbly be in service to you, and our Ascension process, at this magical time on earth.  A new paradigm is emerging and you are part of this wonderful process of reclaiming the inner knowledge and secrets you possess within.

Above all may we all find Love in our Hearts, Forgiveness, Peace, Joy and  Kindness towards one another and All.


Welcome with Many Blessings - Please Remember You Are So Loved! - Love Jayne x

Level 1 - Where Do You Begin?

Are you wishing to know more about spiritual growth and just don't know where to start?

Are you eager to open your 3rd Eye and Intuition?

Do you want to meet your Angels and Guides?

Do you want to know how to Heal Your Self?

Will this help me find the 8 Secrets of the Universe?




Lets start here with The Call of Angel...



Jayne Chilkes The Call of an Angel Book

Learn about Meditating with the Angels

Learn about opening and healing your Chakras

Learn about staying Positive and Affirmations

Learn about Breathing Exercises and Self Growth Visualisations

Learn about the first signs of Opening your Intuition

Learn about the first sight of your Angels and Guides

Learn about Self Protection and Working in the Light

Learn about your Subconscious Mind Patterns...



The Call of an Angel by Jayne Chilkes

The Call of an Angel Book


The Call of an Angel is a guide to spiritual awakening and the opening of healing abilities innate in us all. Jayne Chilkes shares her life journey from being a Fashion Designer, steeped in the superficial and what is "outside," to finding her deeper sensitivity and what is "inside." Jayne wrote this book to help you find courage in the unknown, and then to find that from your own inner darkness comes the Light. She offers you Wisdom, Truths, Insight and many techniques to heal yourself and your life. Through her own initiative, determination and perseverance over many years, she utilizes tools to release all negativity of the past. She shows you an inspiring way to walk your own path to Love, Truth, Compassion, Joy and Peace.




by  Annie Zalezsak

"..The Call of an Angel is very insightful for anyone interested in healing work. Those working with visualisations, breathwork and chakras, would particularly find this book a valuable resource for knowledge on these subjects..."



💙💙💙Remember the Universe Loves You💙💙💙

Any Questions? - please feel free to comment...